Economic consultancy

To its Customers, InfoState offers the economic consultancy in the scope of:

  • The Financial consultancy, including:
    • The execution studies (opportunity, pre-feasibility, feasibility studies)
    • The financial analyses
    • The financial forecasting
    • The effectiveness assessments of the investment projects
  • Writing business plans, winning financial means from the EU funds,
  • Working out and introducing the ISO quality management systems.

Preparing professional business plans is one of our priority services. The study always covers such elements as:

  • the characteristics of the company,
  • the assessment of the potential,
  • the strategic analysis,
  • the SWOT analysis,
  • the analysis of the competition,
  • the analysis of the market environment, including the analysis of demand and market segmentation
  • the organization plan,
  • the marketing plan,
  • the economic and financial analyses,
  • the sensitivity analysis,
  • the ratio analyses with graphs,

Our formula of the business plan is warmly welcomed by our partner banking institutions and leads to financing the investments. While developing the business plan, we advise our Customers how to raise the profitability of the investment, how to hold the high ability for handling debts over the entire period of loan and how to optimize theindividual stages of the undertaking.

We are also ready to undertake mediation in obtaining the investment credit and in giving substantive support to the Customer under negotiations with the financing institution.

Below are the sample business plans of the crucial investments encouraged by InfoState and recently positively verified:

  • The "Kupiec Średzki" shopping centre in Środa Wielkopolska,
  • The "Marcinkowskiego 28" office and service centre in Poznań,
  • Housing estate in Naramowicka Street, Poznań,
  • Housing estate in Milczańska Street, Poznań.

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